Tänkvärda citat!


”There can never be absolute certainty or final form to any understanding or praxis of the truth. We will know God,s truth only as we do it, and from doing it learn to do it more truthfully. When such is our knowing, then the truth will set us free.”


”The faith life of the people must be informed by the reflection, research and systematic investigation of the theological and biblical community. But the reflection of the scholars should be grounded in and arise from the lived faith of the Christian community.”….”the official magisterium must also listen to and be informed by the sense of the faithful. The official magisterium cannot claim to have a short cut to the truth; it must be informed by the research and scholarship of the theological community.”


”The participants in shared praxis, then, shared in dialogue their critical reflections on their present action.”

”Dialogue begins with one´s self”

”Two essential activities are constitutive of dialogue, telling and listening.”

By listening to others disclose themselves to me, I can help them discover themselves. And in disclosing myself to others, I can discover myself. If the dialogue is an expressing/hearing of our reflective stories and visions, then there is in it for everyone the possibility of discovering much more than we set out to disclose.”


”Much more than the mere words or gesture of the other must be ”heard”. Our task in dialogue is to hear the whole world and person those expression bespeak. Only in this way can either of us be affected by the exchange”.


//Thomas H Groome


”How falsely a listener may construe what we say if he takes only our words.”

// Douglas Steere


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