Citat som är tänkvärda.

”all religious participants will speak their mind and make truth claims to each other, none of them will do so from a theological position that claims that theirs religion meant to dominate or absorb or stand in judgment over all others. A correlational dialogue cannot begin with one religion claiming to hold all the cards or to be superior in all respects over the others or to have the final norm that will excclude or absorb all other norms. Just as a relationship between two human beings cannot thrive if one of them claims, before the relationship even begins, to be superior or always to have the final word, so too the relationship constitutive of interfaith dialoque is doomed to failure if one religion claims, a priori, general superiority over all others to the extend that it is not willing or able to learn from them.”

”I have grown ever more convinced that we theologians spend too much time talking to ourselves, in a langguage foreign to most people. We have to discuss the really important issues in a manner and language that will allow non-theologians to understand and have their say.”

Paul E. Knitter: ”Jesus and the other names”

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